till you are here create memories


I am Shally and I love exploring new places with my travel and life partner Ashish. Travel fills my soul; to be in the woods climbing a hill or just lazing around a lake, I feel in sync with nature. It gives me a sense that I am actually creating memories and not just letting life pass by me. Sometimes getting lost in an unknown location without any itinerary isn’t a bad idea.

Over many such travels, I have captured thousands of amateurish photos.  I document these trips and save them in my drafts. For a very long time I wanted to blog them, but call it laziness or sheer lack of motivation, I never published them.

The pictures are unfiltered as I want to present India how I saw it. For content, I will refer relevant sites for accurate dates and descriptions. Rest assured, the experiences will be all mine.

I love visiting all kinds of places, but ancient temples and ruins fascinate me the most. I take pride in our glorious past and am intrigued by Indian history.

I can happily go back to the medieval period taking along the internet and a camera with me.

Bye for now